The past is preserved in Kaslo

The village of Kaslo is a small community with a big presence.

The village, along the shore of Kootenay Lake, has a population of just under 1,000 people, but it’s a colourful, vibrant place.

Angry Hen Brewing is a community gathering spot in this quaint little town.


While Front Street, the village’s main street, is small, it has a variety of businesses and eating establishments in its historic buildings. It’s an upbeat and optimistic community.

Posts on display in store windows and on billboards list plenty of concerts and special events in and around the community.

To quench your thirst, stop in at Angry Hen Brewing on Front Street.

The brewery features comfortable seating in its tasting room, as well as an outdoor patio which is used in the warmer months. They had a nice selection of beers, a number of food items ranging from meals like macaroni and cheese or chili to bar snacks like beer caramel and cheese popcorn. You can also bring your own food. The atmosphere was very friendly, with all of the brewery guests talking to each other at one point during our visit.

While we stayed home on this trip, we would have enjoyed visiting with Stoxx at Angry Hen Brewing.

Porter & Merlot

Make sure to say hi to Stoxx, the friendly brewery dog who hangs out in the tasting room and on the patio.

Next door, the BlueBelle Bistro features a variety of meals, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free choices. The bistro is also a great place to stop for a good cup of coffee, or to pick up a cup to go.

There’s a strong sense of history in Kaslo, with plenty of historic buildings still in use. Although many of the smaller West Kootenay communities were settled and established at the end of the 19th century, few have such a strong a connection with the past.

In addition to the historic downtown, Kaslo also features the S.S. Moyie, the oldest intact sternwheeler in the world. From 1889 to 1957, the sternwheeler plied the waters of Kootenay Lake. Today, it is restored and on display as a tourist attraction.

The historic sternwheeler and 19th century buildings create an atmosphere that is both rooted in the past and progressive.


Our only regret during our trip to Kaslo was we didn’t have enough time to adequately explore the community. We took a day trip from Nelson and stopped at Ainsworth Hot Springs and Fletcher Falls before we arrived in Kaslo. More time would have been much better. That’s on our list for the next time we travel to the small communities along Kootenay Lake.

The drive to Kaslo was beautiful. We were rewarded with a stunning sunset on our drive back out of town. There’s a lot for us still to discover in this small community with a big presence.

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